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To create professional trainers & coaches who will help bring out the best to enhance an individual's performance.


► To provide qualified and better leaders in the field of Sport to the nation and also worldwide at various levels of competition.

► The Champion Club creates professional trainers, coaches & qualitative career opportunities in collaboration with its partners in the field of Health, Fitness & the Aquatic Community.

► We are an Individual Professional Body who work on the basis of 'Leadership, Education, Certification'

► We are focused in creating & providing enhanced solutions effective in improving the fitness industry in our country and also across the world.

► The Champion Club plays a key role in providing the best solutions taking into consideration the past accomplishments, present confrontations and also the future challenges.

► The Leadership section provides synthesized ideas & upgraded information from the Fitness, Health and Aquatic World. This will help strengthen your leadership skills and approach towards working in the field.

► The Educative section has been designed to give you an insight and evidence based knowledge in the field of Health, Training and Coaching of athletes. It allows you to understand the funamentals, implement practically and thereby implicate it in the training or coaching of the athlete.

Why Certification?

Certification is an asset to your understanding, knowledge and skills about Training & Coaching. It will give you an edge over the others aiming to work in the same industry.

Please select a certification to know more about it